Cruise holidays have significantly increased in popularity within the last few years and whilst its clear that they're not for everyone, some people can't get enough. Here at Planet Earth Travel Insurance, we speak to a lot of customers who are heading out on cruises and so we thought it was about time we showed … Continue reading SPOTLIGHT: Cruisin’


BEST OF: Christmas Markets in Europe


Welcome to the first post in our ‘Best Of’ blog series and what better way to start than with the ‘Best Of: Christmas Markets in Europe'! With the cold weather slowly creeping in and the nights starting to get longer, winter is well on its way and if you’re anything like us, then you’ll have … Continue reading BEST OF: Christmas Markets in Europe

Planet Earth’s Travel Insurance FAQ’s


After over 15 years of working in the travel insurance industry, we've just about heard every question and query you could imagine so we thought we would put some handy FAQ's together for you all to help clarify some common misconceptions or confusions about travel insurance.    WILL I STILL NEED TRAVEL INSURANCE IF I … Continue reading Planet Earth’s Travel Insurance FAQ’s

Planet Earth’s Top 5 Travel Tips


Welcome to our first blog post! What better way to start than to share with you our Top 5 Travel Tips! GET TRAVEL INSURANCE! You would be surprised at how many people still don’t think they need travel insurance. ‘I’m only going to Spain for a week, I have my EHIC I’ll be fine’. Whether … Continue reading Planet Earth’s Top 5 Travel Tips

Understanding your policy wording book

So you've made it through the task of searching, finding and booking the right travel insurance for you. The next step for everyone should be reviewing the policy documents one they come through but here at Planet Earth we know that a lot of people tend to only look at their policy schedule and disregard … Continue reading Understanding your policy wording book

Best Of: Unique Destinations

Welcome to the second post in our ‘Best Of’ series. This week we’re bringing you Planet Earth's ‘Best Of: Unique Destinations’. As a travel insurance provider, we get to hear all about the amazing places that our customers are planning on visiting. Whilst this does give us a lot of trip-envy, it also brings attention … Continue reading Best Of: Unique Destinations

Planet Earth’s Guide to Understanding Pre-Existing Medical Conditions & Travel Insurance

Here at Planet Earth we recognise that not everyone fully understands medical cover when it comes to travel insurance. We get lots of questions each day and noticed a common theme in the areas of confusion so we thought we write up a handy guide to understanding just what all of the fuss is about. … Continue reading Planet Earth’s Guide to Understanding Pre-Existing Medical Conditions & Travel Insurance